The birthplace of the movie will be the first place where the general public will have the opportunity to see It. People attending this screening will be in for a few surprises, so be the first and see at the art deco luxurious style cinema. See you there!

WARRIOR (aka / alternate title) METAL WARRIOR
Time: 9pm
Date: Wednesday 14 December
Sun Theatre Yarraville
8 Ballarat Street – Yarraville 3013 – Melbourne Victoria – Australia
Tickets available at the Cinema or buy online now at: http://www.suntheatre.com.au/
x Warrior Poster
A roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs. This is an in your face street drama that draws you inside the socio/sub-cultures that make up urban Australia. Set in the working class Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Warrior shadows Blaze and his colourful cohort of friends through a journey of triumph and agony.
Little do Blaze and his motley group of friends know, the choices they make while growing up begin to shape their destiny. The streets hit hard, but they hit back!
Cleverly described as a hamburger with the lot, Warrior is laced with beautiful women, monster cars and the loudest rock’n’roll. This is a genuine full length motion picture not to be missed by movie enthusiasts or lovers of rock music! There is no shortage of action or comedy to accompany the life story of Blaze.
In addition to a Rockin’ soundtrack, this movie also boasts a colourful cast of characters from all over the world. Probably the most diverse cast lyou will even find in a movie to date.
If you’re craving for something different, then this is it!
Directed by Steve Ravic
Produced by Steve Ravic and Neil Johnson
Co-Produced by Bruno Zovko
Production by Majestic Film
in association with Metal Warriors Pty. Ltd. and Morphius Film