WARRIOR Poster web

Since the Australian street based drama film had its premiere market screening in The Palais at the official Cannes Film Festival supported by by the Australian Film Commission, the arthouse movie gained a lot of serious interest. The producers have since began an association with the veterans of Australian Film inclluding John Kearney (Snowy River, Dogs In Space, Crawford Productions) and John Chase (Evil Angels, Mad Max) offering their support with marketing and attaining distribution.

The veteran Australian Filmmakers were very impressed by Steve Ravic’s determination and ability in being able to complete a feature film with an almost next to nothing budget. Since the Cannes Film Festival market premiere, WARRIOR has been cut from 120 minutes to a 100 feature.

A special soundtrack album has also since been recorded with a tribute to Hard Rocking classics featuring stars of the movie and some of the biggest names in International music. The album also includes songs and music featured on the movie WARRIOR. All the details will be revealed here in December. Several music clips were also filmed in support of the movie.

WARRIOR was originally scheduled for a May 2009 cinema release until it was hit with a double wammy. The global financial crisis got in the way of the release afterwhich the CEO of our distribution company, Keith Stevens was hospitalised. He was in a coma for several weeks but we are happy to inform you that he is now heading for a complete recovery. We wish him all the best and look forward to working with him and getting this film out to the general public.

All parties involved are currently working on the release and we will post any news on this website as soon as the release dates are announced.

In the meantime, here is a small taste of what to expect.