We are proud to announce that our big documentary feature film ‘IN THE FLESH’ starring the biggest Rock band to come out of Sweden in years. The movie was Directed by Steve Ravic and Co-Produced by Steve Ravic and Vesna Trokter. MAJESTIC FILM will take you beyond the stage show of THE POODLES featuring our unique Director-Cam style. Enjoy the show with the fans and party with the band. The movie hits stores worldwide in November.

THE POODLES will be attending a huge cinema premiere in Stockholm scheduled for November 8, which is also the DVD release date for Sweden. The film will also be released on DVD throughout the world including North America, South America and Japan in November through FRONTIERS who are renowned for releasing many of the biggest names in Rock (Whitesnake, Hurricane, Nelson, Mr. Big, Primal Fear, Terra Nova, Pretty Maids, Triumph, Toto, Survivor, Jorn).

There is no release date or distributor confirmed for Australia. MAJESTIC FILM is considering a cinema screening for the Australian fans which we hope to co-incide with the release of the DVD. Some countries will even enjoy television screenings. If you feel that your territory has been left out, please feel free to pass on our details to your countries television networks. We at MAJESTIC FILM and THE POODLES do not want anyone to miss out on this special Rock Extravagaza on film.



A Rockumentary film featuring an in depth look at the hottest band to come out of Sweden in decades. The Heavy Metal band has been charting on top of the Swedish mainstream charts, The Poodles have become the biggest thing in rock as they bring their brand of Rock’n'Roll to the mainstream masses of their homeland. Adored by ages young and old, discover the band that has taken Sweden by storm. Get an up close and personal look into the bands personal and private sphere like you have never seen before. Learn why these modern day superheroes are ready to conquer the world. Experience all of the fun on the DVD version featuring a full set of live concert songs. Duration: 112 Minutes

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