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Majestic FilmxPrestigious International High Definition Film Production

Majestic Film boasts over 15 years of experience in video and film production. Our work has aquired an International demand stretching from our reputation in being able to capture the true essence and atmosphere of projects with our style of production.

We offer full production including preproduction, principal photography, post-production, marketing and packaging which includes custom menu design and authoring for DVD and Blu-ray.

The journey began in Melbourne, Australia in 1995 when Majestic Film was first founded under the name of Samson Video Productions.

Our productions have covered many aspects of the entertainment Industry like working with countless stars from famous bands and musicians, top magazine models to filming interviews for television with the likes of actors such as Hollywood superstar Eric Bana.

We are renowned for specialising in rock music clips, live shows for television and DVD/Blu-Ray with experience in filming, directing and producing for such bands as Doro & Warlock (Germany), Manowar (United States), Rhapsody (Italy) Kai Hansen and Gamma Ray (Germany), The Poodles (Sweden) just to name a few.

Our Head Office continues to be based in Melbourne, Australia and we offer our film production services globally. We also offer mobile postproduction facilities enabling us to edit anywhere in the world. Our experience spans across the globe where we have been Directing live television coverage in Germany, directing and producing live shows for TV broadcast and DVD in Sweden and Japan. We have also directed and produced a feature film called WARRIOR in Australia with scenes filmed in Germany and Croatia.

The movie also enjoyed a premiere market screening in the famous red carpet Palais Theatre complex at the official Cannes Film Festival in France.

The Chairman & Director, Steve Ravic has since become a recognised feature filmmaker by the Australian Film Commission and has appeared together with Managing Director Vesna Trokter as special guests at Australian Government functions participating in panel discussions and contributing to special events around the world where the work of Majestic Film has been presented and screened by the Australian Government.

Majestic Film offers competitive pricing to cater for all types of projects and their budgets. For high quality and special attention to your project, Majestic Film aims at delivering the best possible results which also reflects in the time and effort we put into individual projects. We take great pride in our work and If you want the ultimate results, Majestic Film is the ultimate choice!

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- We specialise in productions for CINEMA, TV, BLU-RAY / DVD, INTERNET & MOBILE DEVICES
- We are available WORLD-WIDE
- We cater for ALL TYPES of BUDGETS

& all types of ARTISTS.


- We can write, plan, design your Production
- We can assist in location arrangements
- We can do casting and hiring of Actors, Models, Performers & Musicians
- We can arrange set design, props and wardrobe
- We can arrange Tax Certified Film Productions to accommodate  your Investors

- We film in HD High Definition OR any format you prefer
- We are available World-wide
- We provide a film crew of 2 – 30 persons (more If required)
- We can provide camera cranes, trolley cam, steady/glider cam etc.
- Professional Blue/Green screen filming

- Professional editing in high definition
- Mobile editing studio & editor available for editing world-wide
- Special effects, enhancements, titles and color correction
- We are able to re-edit and re-master your old films
- For Cinema, HD television & Blu-ray
- For highest quality DVD
- For highest quality formats for internet (websites like YouTube) and mobile devices

- Professional authoring for DVD and Blu-Ray
- All content is compressed in high quality to provide the best quality DVD
- Customised menu design
- Bonus menu options like Photo Gallery etc.
- DVD & Blu-Ray masters for duplication / replication

- We do Graphic Design for your posters, DVD & Blu-ray sleeve designs, flyers and all your marketing needs
- We can arrange all the DVD & Blu-ray duplication for your releases
- We can arrange broadcast masters for Television
- We can arrange various formats for Cinema screening

Note: We are also able to organise original songs / music for your productions. We can also provide photography

We cater the production to SUIT YOUR BUDGET!
We look forward to hearing from you.


Steve PROFILE PIC 4 WEB copyThe established Australian-born filmmaker celebrates 15 years as a professional Director & Producer in 2010.

Steve Ravic is a Director and Producer recognised by the Australian Film Commission and has also represented Australian Film Internationally through the Australian Government.

His debut feature film ‘WARRIOR’ was screened in the prestigious Palais Theatre at the official Cannes Film Festival in France where he officially attended as a Director in association with the AFC.

Steve began journalistic videotography at the tender age of eighteen covering war and politics in Croatia during 1992 and also filming coverage of the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1993.

Upon his return to Australia, Steve graduated the special exclusive YBI Commonwealth scheme and begun work as a Director and Producer through his own video production business called Samson Video Productions (now called Majestic Film).

In his early days, he was also the Producer and head of post-production of the first Croatian television program in Australia broadcast weekly on community television.

He moved on to Directing & Producing Rock/Metal music video clips and documentaries during the mid-late 90’s.

In 1999 Steve Directed &  Produced his first International documentary styled music film in Germany with a style now dubbed ‘Rockumentary’.

The film ‘Wacken 99’ Directed and Produced by Steve Ravic was distributed in Europe by Warner and was the first music style film by an Australian to be released on DVD.

This release was followed up by ‘Wacken 2000’ also distributed by Warner through Nuclear Blast which set the scene for a new style of music DVD’s.

The demand for Steve Ravic in Germany began to grow. He Directed and Produced music video’s for ‘Gamma Ray’ (featuring Kai Hansen) and ‘Gun Barrel’ (German F1 Grand Prix soundtrack band).

His Directing for German band ‘Traceelords’ was coverered by German commercial television network RTL exposing Steve Ravic to the mainstream German television audiences.

This followed with music clips and the first official DVD for the famous Italian band ‘Rhapsody’. The trail carved by his renowned work for Rock/Metal music lead him to Japan where he Directed & Produced ‘Under The Rising Sun’ which was to be the first  official DVD by an Australian Metal band ‘Dungeon’.

This was soon followed by productions for Japanese artists like ‘Argument Soul’.

Steve Ravic has Directed over 100 music clips and projects which have aired on commercial television in Australia and Internationally.

In December 2004 the biggest female rock star in Germany, Doro Pesch requested for him to Direct her 20th Anniversary show for German television.  He Directed the production starring some of the biggest names in the world like ‘Lemmy’ from ‘Motorhead’, Blaze ‘ex-Iron Maiden’ and ‘Saxon’.

This continued with a long line of major artists he has worked with from ‘Manowar’ (USA) to an in-depth interview with Hollywood superstar ‘Eric Bana’ for Croatian National television.

Steve Ravic has Directed over 100 music clips and projects which have aired on commercial television in Australia and Internationally. From 2005 Ravic put his focus on filmmaking, Directing and Producing the likes of the feature film ‘WARRIOR’ (Australia, Croatia, Germany) and the latest Rockumentary film ‘In The Flesh’ (Sweden) featuring the biggest mainstream charting Hard Rock band, The Poodles (2010).


Vesna PROFILE PIC 4 WEB copy

The German born producer of Croatian background originally began work as a Film Producer in 2006.

In 2007 Vesna Trokter officially attended the Cannes Film Festival in France as a recognised Producer. Her credits include co-Executive Producer for ‘WARRIOR’ and most recently the Producer of the Swedish film ‘In The Flesh’ (Sweden).

Vesna was inspired to aquire broader skills through her experience working alongside people like the renowned photographer ‘Guido Karp’ at the Magic Circle Festival (Photographer for Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Phil Collins/Genesis, Robbie Williams, Elton John etc.) where she began developing her photographic skills. She has taken photographs and filmed the likes of Alice Cooper, Manowar, The Poodles, Doro Pesch, LORD and a variety of actors and models.

Her pictures have been used for film posters, newspapers and magazines to band artwork and CD booklets.

Vesna is now also a professional editor with her first major mainstream post-production for the song ‘Like No Tomorrow’ by Swedish rock superstars ‘The Poodles’.

Vesna also Directed the music clip for the song ‘Warrior Heart’ featuring Croatian Rock superstar ‘Pero Galic’ (Divlje Jagode).

Vesna Trokter also has advanced skills in authoring DVD and Blu-Ray. She is now also the head of DVD and Blu-Ray authoring for Majestic Film. Vesna Trokter has also initiated the operation of Majestic Moments in 2010 with the intention to provide clients with an opportunity to have their special occasions filmed in a ‘Hollywood like’ style affordable to all.

Other skills include styling and make-up for which she has experience with International artists like Croatian Eurovision contestant finalists ‘Angels’ from Croatia, ‘The Poodles’ (Sweden) and Iron Majesty (Australia) etc.

Vesna Trokter is also a presenter that has conducted interviews with numerous bands and has hosted documentary films. She also presents her own radio show.

Her attributes include also being able to speak and write fluently in both the German and Croatian languages.


Managing Director of Morphius Film & EmPire (our International partners)


Neil PROFILE PIC $ WEB copyOnce the youngest television Director in Australian Television and the most popular country music clip Director, Neil was also the first to make a feature Film that was entirely in the digital format.

Neil first began working in collaboration with Steve Ravic in 1995. They have since enjoyed working together on numerous projects.

Neil Johnson relocated to The United States where he continued to Direct and produce feature films and music clips and DVD’s. Neil has now completed several feature films and has been nicknamed ‘Mr. Hollywood’.