A woman exploits the trauma from sexual abuse she encountered in her teen years to make headway in her tenacious adult life.


Misty has conditioned herself to be immune from the emotions of suffering sexual abuse in her teen years, confidently engineering her way through adult life.

Soliciting herself in various ways to secure financial stability in a pursuit to chase her dream of becoming a singer, Misty scores a job singing at a club.

After meeting someone special, an unfortunate incident causes her to stumble across hidden emotions that open old wounds and challenge her unrelenting temperament.
Misty stubbornly wants to prove to those close to her that she cannot be hurt emotionally.
But, whom is she really trying to convince?


A compelling story that aims to expose the audience to challenges victims face after suffering abuse in a drama that will drag the viewer through a cycle of emotions.


  • Genre: DRAMA
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Est. budget: 3M AUD (2.2M USD)
  • Location: AUSTRALIA
  • In production: 2024
  • Est. completion: 2025