• Year of production: 2020
  • Genres: Drama
  • Countries: AUSTRALIA
  • Languages: ENGLISH
  • Budget: 1 – 3 M$
  • Director(s): Steve RAVIC


By manipulating her own emotions, Misty has convinced herself to be stone cold by shielding herself from the torment of her teen years.

Misty confidently engineers her way through adult life in the aim to pursue her dream to be a singer and whilst she entertains soliciting herself in various ways to find some financial stability.

Misty remains strong willed and refuses to submit to taking illegal substances being pushed to her by her peers.

Her journey leads her to a residency as a singer in a club where she meets someone special that ultimately causes her to stumble across new and hidden away emotions.

An unfortunate incident opens old wounds and challenges her unrelenting temperament, but Misty’s gritty nature and sturdiness wants to convince everyone that she never cries. Who is she really trying to convince?

This is a deep story that will find a place deep in your heart and drag you through a cycle of emotions that will tear the inner core of your soul.

  • Partners & financing: Seeking
  • Production schedule: Early 2021
  • Beginning of shooting: Early 2020