Comedy – Completed 2016 (Re-mastered 2018)

Meet Berd ‘The Nerd’ in a story of a man with no story to tell… until he falls asleep that is.

Documentary – Completed 2020

A cutting edge expose of the master of modern day surrealism. Billich escaped tyranny and ascended to greatness with his dazzling unconventional style.

We invite you to explore the cosmic visions channeled by the maverick of the art world and experience the bravado of Billich beyond the canvas.

Action/Adventure – Completed 2022

In a city of millions… many go missing… without a trace… One day it could happen to you… or someone you love…

You will have to fight to the death, just to survive. You are now a part of their show! You are now a part of the game! Once you’ve reached the HOTEL UNDERGROUND… THERE IS NO WAY HOME!

Drama – Development 2023

A tragic past transforms into a life of grandiose in company of popes, kings & playboy bunnies.

A captivating drama based on the true story of an eccentric artist, the love of his life and their extraordinary life of nonconformity that influenced the evolution in lifestyle and attitude of society.

Drama – Development 2023

A compelling drama about a woman that exploits the trauma and sexual abuse of her teen years to make headway in her tenacious adult life.