• Year of production: 2019
  • Genres: Drama, True Story
  • Countries: AUSTRALIA
  • Languages: ENGLISH
  • Budget: 3 – 5 M$
  • Director(s): Steve RAVIC


After a dark childhood set in war and oppression, the maverick Charles Billich aspired to be an artistic virtuoso becoming synonymous for his grandiose way of life in the company of popes and playboy bunnies.

A captivating drama based on the true story of an eccentric artist, the love of his life and their extraordinary life of nonconformity that has influenced the evolution in lifestyle and attitude of society over the decades.

It was not always a lavish lifestyle of champagne n’ caviar dreams for Billich.

His quest to paint the portrait of his life was inspired by the trials and tribulations of a tragic past, from which he escaped the shackles of tyranny that occupied his beloved homeland.

The unrelenting determination to be liberated led him to Australia where he found the freedom he intensely desired.

Billich soon evolved into becoming one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in the world.

Christa is his rock and no such story could ever be complete without such a man of bravado falling in love with such a stunning independent minded career woman that became the embellishment of their unconventional Empire.

Together, their most unique journey is one of adverse loyalty in the face of love affairs, heartbreak and an unbreakable acceptance of each other for whom they are, nurturing the enduring bond that allowed them to flourish in an ever changing society that has embraced a Billich influence beyond the art.